Is Google Ads For Your Business?

Major search engines such as Google, Yahoo! or Bing drive most of the web traffic.

Even if social media or other kinds of traffic can provide or generate visits going to your

website, search engines are still the main method in navigation and utilization for most

internet users. It’s how people get the information they need whether looking for

services, products, general information or just about anything under the sun – and this

is why it’s highly important to get more traffic for your business.


But if you want to really boost the presence of your business, then Google

Ads is another way to make it happen. Google Ads falls in the marketing category

known as PPC where an advertiser pays-per-click. They are effective because it enables you 

to make and share ads to your specific audience. To make it simpler, it just means that the 

name of your business will show up once your

prospect customer comes looking for products or services that is just like yours, hence

providing you possible profits.

Must it be Google?

The answer is, YES! Because of its growing popularity, this just means that more and

more people are using the Google search engine. Imagine receiving an almost 3.5

billion searches every day, it is impossible for you not to acquire potential customers or

business partners. Not only that, but according to statistics shown by Google, for every

$1 spent by advertisers, they were able to gain $8 on Google Ads – which makes it a

profitable platform that your business should truly consider.

But why is it still not working for my business?

Well there are definitely hits and misses once you use certain platforms, and Google

Ads is not exempted from that. There are moments that using Google Ads may not work

even after using it for quite some time. But don’t fret; you might be doing something

wrong that is why it is not working at the moment. 


Let’s analyze some of the possible problems:

Keyword terms are too broad:  You really need to find the right keyword in order

to get that traffic re-routed to your site. If your keywords are very broad, Google

will place your ad in front of the wrong market which may result to spending more

and fewer clicks. Try to add, tweak or remove words that are not necessary.

Experimentation is the key to making it right.

 Landing page is poor: Be sure that you provide the right landing page. Posting

your ads is not the end of your efforts and task. Your guests should be able to

see your page “after” they click the ad in order for you to make profit.

Ads are irrelevant:  Just like your keywords, you have to make it a point that your

ads match what your possible clients want or need. So again be sure that your

ad and headlines match your keywords so that it will reach the correct audience.


If you don’t want to go through the hassle of managing your Google Ads, we can

surely do it for you! Give us a call and let’s talk about how your business can earn

more with our Google Ads Management services.